Sennheiser mikes up for Rock Band 2



I love product placement — really — so I’m pleased that Sennheiser, purveyors of fine microphones, has landed a starring role in Rock Band 2.

Gamers are now able to sing through virtual Sennheiser microphones, perform at Sennheiser sponsored virtual events, and use virtual Sennheiser accessories. You get the idea.

There’s even a bit of audio education thrown in, because by earning virtual money (are you counting how many times I’ve used the word “virtual” in this post?), vocalists can go to the Rock Shop and check out the vital statistics of Sennheiser’s e935, MD431 II, MD441, and Neumann KMS105, selecting one which best fits their vocals.

Of course, you’re not going to get to sing through a real Sennheiser mike. That would push the cost of the game up significantly. Perhaps Shure needs to get on board, too?


Sennheiser | Rock Band

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