Sennheiser mikes up for Rock Band 2


I love product placement — really — so I’m pleased that Sennheiser, purveyors of fine microphones, has landed a starring role in Rock Band 2.

Gamers are now able to sing through virtual Sennheiser microphones, perform at Sennheiser sponsored virtual events, and use virtual Sennheiser accessories. You get the idea…

Quantum of Solace product placement update – Ford signs on to promote its new Ka


The imminent 90-minute product advertisement that is Quantum of Solace has just got a little more rammed with unique marketing opportunities, thanks to car-maker Ford signing on to feature its products in the movie-cum-advert.

So as well as whoring himself dry by using a Sony Ericsson C902 to phone HQ every few minutes, Bond will also be looking on approvingly as love interest Camille rolls up in a gold Ford Ka…