Microsoft SearchPerks: a blatant attempt to gain market share


microsoft.jpgMicrosoft have always done things a little bit differently. Sometimes that’s great, like the Zune. Other times it’s awful, like this. To try and get some more market share, Microsoft are basically paying people to use their search.

No, it’s not quite *that* blatant. You download a program (bad start) that monitors your searches (it gets worse) and for every search you do a day, you get a point. You can collect up to 25 points (or “tickets”) in a day. At the end of the program, you “cash in” the points, and exchange them for prizes or a charity donation.

What a load of rubbish, especially in light of the fantastic inroads Yahoo! are making into improving their search. Oh, and one more thing – to make it count, you have to use IE and Windows. Lame, Microsoft. You can do better than this.

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