LG GP08-NU10 Super Multi Drive – external CD/DVD burning for travelling Macs

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When companies announce new optical drives it’s rather hard to tell exactly what they can manage between the burning and reading of CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and whatever else may be round the corner just waiting to become obsolete. So, the LG GP08-NU10 Super Multi Drive, what do you reckon that’s all about then?

Ok, yes, it’s in the title it. It’s a nice, slim, external and very portable CD/DVD writer but how about if I talked of the Amex portable Super Multi Drive? As it goes, the link isn’t as tenuous as it might seem as both these brand new, swish-looking portables are designed with Macs in mind.

This 8x speed burner hooks up by USB – useful with Firewire out of the picture – weighs just 380g and measures 21.4mm x 165.2mm x 156mm. That makes it a little bulkier than the Amex but exactly the same mass.

For my money, it’s not quite as beautiful nor does it deal with Blu-rays but presumably it’ll cost less whenever LG decide to tell us how much cash they’ll be looking at to tide them over this round of the credit crunch.


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