Jaguar motorbike takes branding to the next level


Pictured above is a new very high-concept motorbike (or “bike”, to use the street slang) by Jaguar, turning its corporate logo into something that can do something more useful than merely “synergise the brand”.

What I find most bewildering is that I can’t quite decide whether it looks cool, or whether it is ridiculous – it’d be perfect for a jaguar or big-cat themed superhero in general, as when they hit the point of mid-life crisis, they won’t need to splash out on a ‘Jag’ to relive a romanticised memory of youth, as they’ll already have one.

It weighs 360kg,is powered by a 1200cc Buell 97 S3 Thunderbolt engine, has a fibreglass exterior and looks like a cat.

If you want one yourself, it’ll set you back a staggering £290,000, or the same price as a few hundred regular motorbikes.


(via The Design blog)

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