UPDATE: Seinfeld not canned, Bill wants to know what you think


I promised I’d tell you when the new ad was out, and here it is. I burst out laughing in the office in the middle of that, which was mildly embarrassing, but a good sign for Microsoft. Highly recommended. In a not-so-good sign, the agency behind the adverts has said that Seinfeld hasn’t been officially canned – they still plan at least one more spot featuring him and Gatesey.

Gates also wants to know what you think, inviting you to email him at [email protected]. There’s a few other versions of the ad too, with different clips. I’ve embedded them after the jump.

Full disclosure: I was in a Microsoft ad myself, aged 13. I said “if you show somebody how easy it is…” in a posh accent, while a teacher went on about volcanoes. If you’ve got a copy of that ad, or know anyone who has, please get in touch. Leave a comment below. I’m particularly looking at you, Microsoft PR team.

Microsoft (via Mashable!)

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Duncan Geere
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