Sony α900 – a 24.6 megapixel digital SLR


Whopping would be an understatement. Sony have just announced the α900 – a DSLR with more megapixels than the legs on three spiders. It’s also, according to the font of knowledge that is Yahoo! answers, approximately twice the resolution of a 35mm photo. To process images that big quickly enough, it’s got dual “BIONZ” processors onboard.

If you’re into rapid-fire shooting, then you’re in luck. This baby can do 5fps at full resolution. It’s also got plenty of image stabilization technology – 4 steps of anti-shaking processing, leaving your images sharper. You can also hook it up direct to an HDTV for showing off your beautiful photos of your cat to the whole family.

This baby will be out in October, and cost a fortune. I’m afraid I can’t be any more specific about the price yet, but I’ve put an email through to Sony’s press team and will update this post if I hear back. Full details and all the complicated stuff about digital cameras that I don’t understand can be found on the Sony α900 press release

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  • > approximately twice the resolution of a 35mm photo.

    A 35mm Kodachrome 64 slide was generally considered to be 4k x 6k resolution (24mp). Of course, specialty films like Tech Pan were much higher.

    • That’ll teach me for trusting Yahoo! Answers. Thanks for the clarification, Roger.

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