Pretend to be Beverly Crusher with a "Mother's Kiss" syringe substitute


beverlycrusher.jpgYou can’t deny it, Dr Beverly Crusher was the one of the most popular members of “The Next Generation” Enterprise’s crew. All the male crew wanted her, and all the female crew wanted to be her.

She even got to snog Picard in an alternate version of the future. Now, you too can cast smouldering glances at tasty French starship captains by using this hypodermic-syringe alternative – the “Mother’s Kiss”.

It’s a cheap, cheerful device, which avoids needles altogether by using tiny plastic ampules to deliver the meds. There’s a full picture of the device and some more info over the jump, and there’s a non-embeddable video on the National Geographic’s website.

The Mother’s Kiss isn’t entirely painless, but it’s certainly less painful than sticking a whacking great needle into your arm. It’s also likely to be considerably less painful than the Plasmablade Scalpel. It’s main advantage over a traditional syringe, aside from the cheapness, is that it’s much safer – it can’t transmit blood infections like normal syringes can.


National Geographic (via DVice)

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Duncan Geere
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