Thanksgiving Tech Trumpet: Computer SSB


Yes, it’s that time of year when Americans take a bit of time out and give thanks for… well, things.

In honour of that, here’s a special Tech Trumpet – a computerised version of the Star Spangled Banner.

You wouldn’t expect me just to play the tune without modifying it though, would you?

Course not, which is just as well, because this is a very special version of the song… updates website, still awesome


Quick recap for those of you not familiar with Slicethepie: it’s a site where you can invest in bands. Artists upload tracks, reviewers get paid to review them, and the highest-rated artists go through to a ‘showcase’ where anyone can ‘invest’ in the band.

When the investment reaches a certain level, the band go to a studio and make an album. In return for investing in an artist, you get free tracks, as well as a share of their album’s commercial success. It’s a simple concept, and a great alternative to the traditional ‘try and get signed’ approach for bands.

OpenOffice 3.0 released


What’s your favourite open-source Microsoft Office alternative? Yay! I love OpenOffice too! Let’s be friends, and throw a party, because version 3.0 has just been released. In the new version: native Mac OS X compatibility, support for version 1.2 of the OpenDocument format, and compatibility with Microsoft’s OOXML format.

The latter feature is particularly useful, given that Office 2007 saves .docx files by default – something that’s confused many a hapless user as they tried to send stuff to people using older versions of the office suite…

Pretend to be Beverly Crusher with a "Mother's Kiss" syringe substitute


You can’t deny it, Dr Beverly Crusher was the one of the most popular members of “The Next Generation” Enterprise’s crew. All the male crew wanted her, and all the female crew wanted to be her. She even got to snog Picard in an alternate version of the future. Now, you too can cast smouldering glances at tasty French starship captains by using this hypodermic-syringe alternative – the “Mother’s Kiss”…