iPhone web usage goes up 58% in a month

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iphone-web-usage.jpgThere’s no disputing that iPhone 3G’s been popular. Figures just released by Net Applications – a web service company – indicate that usage of the web functions of the device has more than doubled since the 3G model was released.

To be precise, iPhone web usage went up from 0.16% of the total OS market in June to 0.30% at the end of August. One in every 333 visits to a website are on the iPhone, therefore. The iPhone OS was the fourth most popular OS on the web, after Windows (90.7%), Mac OS (7.8%) and Linux (0.9%).

Whether Android or Symbian might disrupt this in the future remains to be seen, but so far, Apple certainly have the most compelling mobile internet experience, and they’re gaining a nice head start in terms of market share too. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Android is released.

Net Applications (via NewLaunches)

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Duncan Geere
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