Government says Phorm is phine – the spying ad software can be rolled out in the UK

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uk-government-says-phorm-ok.jpgThe UK government has said the incredibly controversial Phorm software can be rolled out in the UK – but users must be told first and allowed to opt-out if they wish.

The Phorm system, which anonymously tracks your internet usage so it can offer you targeted advertising, was secretly tested on a small group of BT users without their knowledge, creating uproar among the sort of people who like to create uproars about privacy issues. The EU then got involved, asking for clarification about the hows and whys of Phorm, thinking that it might be a BAD THING.

So, the UK government investigated and has decided it’s OK and that Phorm is fine. Here’s what it told the EU investigators about its Phorm phindings and how users will be put in charge of turning it on and off…

“Users will be presented with an unavoidable statement about the product and asked to exercise choice about whether to be involved. Users will be able to easily access information on how to change their mind at any point and are free to opt in or out of the scheme.”

So there you go. Phorm is legal. It’s coming and there’s not much you can do to stop it. Although you will be able to opt out. Fuss over. Perhaps.

(Via BBC)

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  • I get fed up with the amount of tracking cookies, how do you keep internet security under control? Shame on the UK goverment, this software should be illegal, or should it be allowed on goverment PC’s so we can track the civil servants ussage of the internet during the time we pay them.

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