UPDATED: Five reasons why Condurro's rugged LM801 mobile phone is more useful in the city

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toughphone.jpgMost coverage is going to focus on the “mountains” and “hiking” aspect of this phone, so I’m going to break from tradition. I’m going to tell you exactly why you need this phone in your life even if you’re the sort of person who gets terrified by a vole and never leaves your house or office.

One: It’s got a flashlight. Useful in the mountains for not breaking your ankle walking on rocks in the dark. Far more useful in the city for finding your keys when you’re drunk and you drop them trying to get into your house.

Two: It’s got a barometer/altimeter. Useful in the mountains for cross-referencing with the contour lines on your maps to work out where you are. Far more useful in the city for deciding whether it’s going to tip it down this afternoon and you’ll need an umbrella.

Three: It’s 2m drop-proof, dust-proof and waterproof. Useful in the mountains when there’s a rainstorm and you have nowhere to shelter. Far more useful in the city when you drop it in the toilet at work by accident. Again. Twittering on the loo is disgusting, anyway.

Four: It’s got a thermometer. Useful in the mountains for working out whether you’re going to freeze to death. Far more useful in the city for settling your long-running dispute with the person on the desk next to you about the heating.

Five: It’s got a laser pointer. Useful in the mountains for attracting a rescue plane when you get surrounded or for blinding a rampant jackal. Far more useful in the city for an impromptu Powerpoint presentation sprung on you by the boss.

Oh, and on top of those things, it’s got an MP3 player, FM radio, and compass. What more could you want? Well, UK distribution for starters. Sadly they aren’t available here yet, but a little bird tells me you can pick up a startlingly similar model here for £149.99.

UPDATE: This isn’t a Sonim phone at all. It’s a phone made by a company called Condurro. Sonim have a rival phone – the XP1.

Condurro (via Engadget)

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