Dell Inspiron 910 coming tomorrow? Don't expect to be able to type properly on it

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There are rumours doing the Internet rounds that Dell may finally be about to release its Inspiron 910 portable notebook PC. (Update: Dell launches Inspiron Mini 9 in the UK)

We’ve been expecting it for a while now, but a Wall Street Journal source reckons it could be announced tomorrow.

Apparently, it will be easy to upgrade the 8.9-inch XP or Linux notebook, including the memory and its solid-state drive, thanks to easy accessibility from the base panel.


Inside Dell’s 910: SSD (1), WWAN module (2), memory (3), WLAN module (4)

Dell even makes a selling point of the fact that the 910 has only two status lights, for mains power and for the battery. Apparently, that’s a good thing.

Let’s look at the shot of the keyboard, though. It’s appalling. The first row of letters is directly above the second row (save a couple of millimetres). Not good.


It’s expected to retail for under $400, which is around £225.

(Via Reg Hardware)

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  • I’m vacillating between the Dell 910 and the Acer Aspire One.

    The Dell is said to have an instant on feature that could make the difference for me. I assume that’s Linux on the motherboard, perhaps with Firefox easily available as part of the instant on. If that’s the case, I’d love it. Instant on with Firefox would suit me most of the time, and I’d boot into XP on–battery.htm those rare occasions that I need Windows.

  • How about reviewing the product for the niche it is suppose to fill? You are trying to put a square peg in a round hole. It is not a notebook … it is a netbook where portability is the key. You are not expected to write a 40000 word tome on it.

    • @Dan: Thanks for that, we’ll see what happens.

      @Gerry: Not really sure what it is you want. Yes, OK, it’s a netbook, if you want to split hairs over the differences, but I’m not sure how you want me to review something that hasn’t been released yet.

      The keyboard issue is a real one. Even my virtual iPhone keyboard in landscape mode has everything in the right place, as did my Psion Series III back in the day, and nearly every other small keyboard, so it shouldn’t have been hard for Dell to get that right, unless of course the images aren’t final, but then how hard can it be to get a keyboard right?

      As for 40,000 words? Well, I think I’ll save that for my next novel. I’m not knocking the product in general, but things still have to feel right even on a small scale.

  • I talked to a source yesterday at Dell and they said their small mini notebook will be available for sale in the US on Friday. It will not have the full version of XP and will be over $400 starting

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