Controversial videogame lawyer Jack Thompson disbarred


jack_thompson.jpgJack Thomson, a self-proclaimed Christian Conservative and anti-videogames activist, has been removed from the Florida Bar by the Supreme Court of Florida. The former attorney is well-known in the gaming community for his highly conservative views on sales of videogames with violent and/or sexual content.

Jack Thompson’s disbarrment proceedings began when the Florida Bar association alleged professional misconduct, including humilation, harrassment and intimidation against a number of people. The Judge, Dava Tunis, found Mr Thompson guilty of 27 of the 31 accusations, including making false statements to tribunals, disparaging and humiliating litigants and other lawyers, and improperly practicing law outside of Florida.

The attorney has been handed permanent disbarment, along with a fine of $43,675.35. In thirty days time, he’ll never be able to practice law again, unless a retrial motion is submitted by a member of the Florida Bar in good standing, which is unlikely, to say the least.

The judgement has been warmly welcomed by the gaming community. Wikipedia claims that at least one games developer threw an impromptu party celebrating the disbarment, including a cake that said “Jack Thompson, Congrats on the Disbarment You Douchebag!” (pictured).


Jack Thompson’s Wikipedia entry (via Kotaku)

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