Chinatown Wars DS to be cel-shaded; awesome


gta.gifSome details have been released about the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto game on the kid-friendly DS console. It’s going to be isometric, not 3D or top-down, like other GTA games, and it’s going to be cel-shaded. It’ll also be incredibly awesome. That wasn’t in the leak, but it’s generally true of DS games.

New gameplay features seen in GTA IV remain, like the mobile phone, and the GPS directions system which saves you bringing up the map every ten seconds while driving. There’s also a different system for your “wanted” rating. Instead of it dissipating if you hide, you’re going to have to “disable police cars in any way possible”. Not sure if I like the sound of that, but I’ll reserve judgement until I’ve actually played it.

Aiming will involve the D-pad, but there’s also a autotarget for wusses on the right shoulderpad. Weapons include the everpresent flamethrower and a chaingun. There’ll be “tasteful” minigames, and the ability to upload stats via WiFi to the internet.

I’m looking forward to the cel-shaded graphics, and the new isometric perspective, but some of the gameplay elements worry me slightly. Part of GTA’s appeal, for me, is the feeling of being in a huge living, breathing city. I worry it’ll be a little too cramped on a portable console. That said, I’ll still almost certainly buy it. Time will tell…

GTA Chinatown Wars (via Pocket Gamer)

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