Another Asus smartphone on the way?

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asus_ts.jpgRumour has it that Taiwanese gadget powerhouse Asus are planning another smartphone – and this comes literally only days after it unveiled the P552w to the world. The rumour seems pretty solid too, on account of there being leaked pictures of the device. Further rumours suggesting that the Asus factory is expanding by an area the size of Wales every day to accommodate Asus’s massive and growing product line are said to be wide of the mark.

Like the P552w, it’s a full touchscreen phone, though it does apparently have a trackball too. It also runs off of Windows Mobile as you can probably see, but there doesn’t seem to be any mention of the “Glide” interface the P552w has on top of it… maybe it will appear in the final build?

On board there appears to be your now-standard bluetooth, wifi and 3G support, as well as a 5 megapixel camera, micro-SD expansion and mini-USB support.

What’s perhaps most interesting is that there is speculation amongst the smartphone geeks at WM Power User that this will be the new XDA branded smartphone from O2, which has been dubbed “Zest”. This is far from confirmed in any way, shape or form yet though, as this device is so new and so unannounced Asus haven’t given it at an arbitrary product code yet.

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