Weenie Roaster: Keep your sausage clear of the barbecue


weenie-roaster.jpgWords can’t describe the awesomeness of this gadget. Its actual function is moot, the idea is just wonderful. You basically stick your sausage over the little chap’s, er, appendage wince, and it’ll cook it for you without the risk of burning it. In fact, thanks to conduction, I imagine it’ll also help to cook the inside of your sausage, reducing the chance of contracting any kind of stomach bug.

The official site also positively encourages you to load up the plucky little solider with mushrooms on the arms, or a pepper on the head. The base can even be custom-cut with a name or a design of any kind.

If you’re concerned about the toxins in welding seeping into your sausage, then don’t be. The whole thing is cast in one piece, and then bent into the right shape afterwards, so there are no nasty joints to contaminate your food.

If you want one (and lets face it, who wouldn’t?), then you’re going to have to get it from America, but the good news is that it’ll only set you back US$15. That’s about £8. That kind of action would set you back far more than that in Amsterdam, believe me…

Weenie Roaster (via Gizmodo)

Duncan Geere
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