USB Endoscope – seeing things that should never be seen


Ever wanted to insert a camera into various orifices in your body? NOW YOU CAN with the USB Endoscope. Blowing every single other USB gadget I’ve ever seen out of the water, the USB Endoscope indulges your inner gut fetishist, while simultaneously allowing you to broadcast the images over the web with the greatest of ease. Hey, check out my urethra!

If you haven’t lost your lunch yet, then you’ll want to be buying one, right? It’s US$99 (about £67 in real money) and features 640×480 resolution, built in illumination, and – critically – a thickness of just 12mm. It’s just over 14cm long, so you won’t be able to push it in too far – promise me you won’t lose the damn thing in there, okay?

USB Endoscope

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Weenie Roaster: Keep your sausage clear of the barbecue


Words can’t describe the awesomeness of this gadget. Its actual function is moot, the idea is just wonderful. You basically stick your sausage over the little chap’s, er, appendage *wince*, and it’ll cook it for you without the risk of burning it. In fact, thanks to conduction, I imagine it’ll also help to cook the inside of your sausage, reducing the chance of contracting any kind of stomach bug…

Voyage Barbecue Grid sports many features, including iPod integration


Surely proving that there’s nothing you can’t stick an iPod dock on to, the Voyage Barbecue Grid — albeit a prototype design — offers some fairly luxurious al fresco dining.

Designed to allow everyone to enjoy sitting around a barbecue, getting enveloped in smoke and watching the food turn black, the table features integrated chairs, a dishwasher, refrigerator — and that inevitable iPod dock…