Fenêtres 3.1 – get that 1992 blue-screen feeling in your house

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Fenetres-31.jpgDan, who’s the editor here at Tech Digest, has been battling all morning with the infamous Blue Screen of Death on his PC. Perhaps he needs Fenêtres 3.1 on his wall to calm him down.

Fenêtres 3.1 is a concept product from designer John Nouanesing. It sticks to your wall, showing you the view out over a lovely field, a view that most of you should recognise. Those of you who haven’t switched over to Apple, anyway. There’s an XP version in the works too, apparently. There’s also a version (pictured above) of the Blue Screen of Death.

The pedants among you will notice a few things though – firstly, although the UI design is straight out of Windows 3.1x, the wallpaper dates from Windows 95, and the blue screen pictured is an XP/Vista blue screen. In fact, Wikipedia has compiled a fantastic gallery of blue screens though the ages. Click the Windows for Workgroups 3.11 BSoD below to begin your tour.

John Nouanesing (via Coolest Gadgets)

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Duncan Geere
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