Terminator Head DVD player – I need your clothes, your boots & your movie collection

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This is a Terminator skull DVD player or a lesson in how to stop small children from messing with your tech or, perhaps, messing with your head in this case. Even I would be a little unsure about bringing a Terminator into my sitting room, let alone having the gall to flip open the top of its head and jam discs inside its neural net.

You see it looks absolutely bloody fantastic but with those red, soulless eyes and those manically bared teeth, it’s just a little bit freaky. Look…


I’d love to tell you more about this fantastic design – how solid a piece of kit it is, photos of it looking rather splendid next to my TV and some of my girlfriend utterly petrified – but unfortunately its origins are rather unknown. It was posted on Toxel but it seems the images were just mailed to them with little other info.

In my dreams, it weighs around 3kg and is chrome plated with LED eyes that glow only when playing but who knows? What we do know is that it looks ace. Hands up who wouldn’t want one?

(via Newlaunches)

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    • You could always use it to threaten them too, Tony. “I’ve got the rest of it in the cupboard and, if you don’t behave, all I have to do is put the head back on. He’s already seen you now!”

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