UPDATED: UPDATE: RIAA talk about Muxtape, 8tracks gain a whole lot of users overnight

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8tracks.jpgDespite the optimistic message on their front page, it turns out that Muxtape have been evading the RIAA for a little while.

A spokesman for the centre of all evil in the Universe trade association for record labels had this to say on the subject:

“For the past several months, we have communicated our legal concerns with the site and repeatedly tried to work with them to have illegal content taken down. Muxtape was hosting copies of copyrighted sound recordings without authorization from the copyright owners. Making these recordings available for streaming playback also requires authorization from the copyright owners. Muxtape has not obtained authorization from our member companies to host or stream copies of their sound recordings.”

In the meantime, if you need your Muxtape fix, you might like to try 8tracks. The service, which does nearly the same thing as Muxtape used to, is apparently where all the Muxtape users have decamped to.

8tracks provides you with 30 minutes of music (approximately 8 tracks, hence the name) to share your love of that girl in geography, or your despair over losing that bet with Michael Phelps, or your “ULTIMATE PARTY ANTHEMS WOO!”.

Just don’t expect it to stay up for ever – remember, the RIAA are always watching.

UPDATE: Along with 8tracks, if you’ve got a web server running PHP5 and know how to use it, then you might want to give Opentape a go, too.

8tracks (via No Rock and Roll Fun)

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