NEC LaVie J – special edition laptop for Sky Crawlers

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Sky Crawlers is a series of Japanese books by Hiroshi Mori which were recently adapted into an Anime film. The movie came out on August 2nd in Japan and to co-incide with the launch NEC have announced a special edition laptop.

It’s a dinky little piece of kit with a 12.1″ screen, though not quite as dinky as the Maplin Minibook which features a tiny 7″ screen. What you don’t get with the Maplin Minibook, however, is the quite-impressive specs of the LaVie J. It’s got an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1.5GB of RAM and a 120GB hard drive.

Compared it to Dell’s recently-announced E4200, it lacks the solid state hard drive, and the ‘Always On’ functionality. On the other hand, it does look considerably nicer than the Dell, whose beauty could best be described as “rugged”. Even better, the first 150 people who buy one of the LaVie Js will get the director’s autograph, a cutout of the main character / 25 fighter planes and some other illustrations, CD sets, and some preloaded wallpapers.

The NEC LaVie J will sell for a limited time only for ¥179,907, which is precisely £866.83 at today’s exchange rate.

(Via Newlaunches)

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