Facebook unveils Live Feed

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facebook-live-feed.pngFacebook have been tweaking the news feed a lot lately, and their latest experiment is called the Live Feed. It’s a river of news that dynamically updates as new stuff happens. You can watch in real-time as your friends poke each other, confirm that they’re attending events, and all sorts of other stuff. It’s very slickly implemented.

Some applications are already integrated with Facebook, like Digg, but I wouldn’t be surprised if soon you’d be able to integrate many other sites with the service, allowing people to use it as a replacement for Twitter and Friendfeed. Obviously, it’s more active the more friends you have, but it’s interesting to see Facebook turning into a site that you leave open all the time, like your webmail, rather than a site that you might only check into once a day.

The feature is live on my account now, so it should be on yours. Let me know in the comments if you can’t see it yet and where you are, just in case it hasn’t rolled out globally yet.

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