Brummies win Gold at Championship Gaming Series

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At last.. There but for the grace of God go some British winners. Champions of the world. Bow before them. Make praise to those that have done what so many have failed to do before. These 10 brave souls have defeated, nay, slain the forces of global competition and emerged the unlikely victors! All hail The Salvo… The mighty Birmingham Salvo.

Yes, you heard right. Britain has won a major trophy. Okay, so it’s not a sport’s trophy, like a Jules Remet or an Olympic medallion.. and it is for winning the World Computer Game Championships.. But.. hey, it’s a trophy god-dammit, and we won it. It deserves celebrating.

Until recently the CGS (Championship Gaming Series) has been a somewhat low-key event, but the introduction of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation as a primary sponsor this year has seen the competition reach near-ridiculous levels of media-attention.

The Salvo were one of eight teams across the world to make it to the grand final in the US, where they were filmed by News Corp TV cameras, screamed at by News Corp audiences, and News Corp presenters in hot-pants and knee-highs said things like “Sarah Harrison from Bir-ming-ham Salvo is on fire! But can the Optx toast this British girl’s muffin?”

Considered the under-dogs from the outset, the good-money was on the bookies favourite – the San Francisco Optx. But our plucky brummies saw things differently, and like the heroes they are, bashed their buttons and wiggled their joysticks all the way steadily through the rankings until they reached the Grand Final event against the Optx, where they soundly thrashed their west-coast opponents right onto their foggy, hilly, coffee-shoppy arses with a four-out-of-five game winning streak. A total endgame score of 22 to 15 point spanking. Hah! Eat that, Optx!

The team (who specialise in the following games: Fifa 08, Dead or Alive, Forza Motorsport and Counter Strike) are over the moon that their fish and chip flavoured thumbs have done what their parents never thought possible, and earned them a career each playing computer games, along with the tidy profit made from the shared prize winnings of $500,000 (£255,850).

Happy faces all round then. Check out Britain’s greatest warriors here taking the gold.

Makes you proud to be British, doesn’t it?

[Via BBC News]

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