Can I get 5G? Vodafone announces trials in seven cities including London, Birmingham

Vodafone UK has unveiled seven cities that will become 5G test areas, with roll-outs starting between October and December this year. It includes customers in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Manchester. They form part of the company's investment in building a world-class network infrastructure to support Gigabit UK, a nation where people will enjoy…

Brummies win Gold at Championship Gaming Series

At last.. There but for the grace of God go some British winners. Champions of the world. Bow before them. Make praise to those that have done what so many have failed to do before. These 10 brave souls have defeated, nay, slain the forces of global competition and emerged the unlikely victors! All hail The Salvo… The mighty Birmingham Salvo.

Yes, you heard right. Britain has won a major trophy. Okay, so it’s not a sport’s trophy, like a Jules Remet or an Olympic medallion.. and it is for winning the World Computer Game Championships.. But.. but it’s a trophy god-dammit, and we won it. It deserves celebrating.

Opinion: Bluetooth is not the colour when it comes to football technology

Jon_smal.gifWe’ve all experienced it, walking or driving past a mysterious embedded Bluetooth advert somewhere that tries to download itself to your phone automatically because the BT is switched on, ready to receive on your handset.

Of course, you’ve got the option to decline it and unless you are very stupid, you will do so because that download could be anything, from a mobile-type virus to porn.

But now a firm called Bluepod Media is hoping to deluge us with adverts each time we step inside the football stadium of our favourite team…

Opinion: HMV need more than gimmicks to attract kids to "cyber store"

Jon_small_new.jpgQuick quiz now – do you still buy CDs on the high street? I rarely do these days, unless it’s an impulse buy in a sale as I browse, but then I don’t get much time to do that either like I used to. Let’s face it, we’re a cash rich, time poor society now and that means one thing – the Internet!

I’m not going to spit out the obvious downloading facts and figures that we all already know, digital music is big business and only a miniscule percentage of people reading this will never have bought or “found” a music track via the web…