BBC to put Top Gear on YouTube. Let's hope Richard Hammond doesn't crash your browser.

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Some say that his 19th century views on environmentalism and global warming are pushing millions of viewers down the path of climate change scepticism, and some say that his incendiary views are designed to cause a stir and cause people like me to write about them… all we know is that he’s called Jeremy Clarkson.

If you’re a fan of party-political broadcasts for the Conservative party presented by ill-informed controversialists who probably do actually use the phrase “political correctness gone mad” without irony, then you’ll be delighted to hear that the BBC has launched a Top Gear YouTube channel.

Having realised that Top Gear is a cash-cow both at home and – somewhat inexplicably given the casual xenophobia – internationally, BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, is promising clips of some of the most memorable moments from the show – such as the attempt at crossing the English channel in three modified cars, or the race against a train to Monte Carlo.

There isn’t actually much on the channel at the moment – merely a preview video – but the BBC is promising more content to come. The managers at the Dave TV channel are said to be “very worried” by this decision.

Check out the preview clip here.

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