World of Warcraft to sell security gadget

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Blizzard_authenticator.jpgThe creators of World of Warcraft, the game that puts the first M in MMORPG, are set to launch an optional ‘token’ device to improve security on player’s accounts. It’s currently only available in the US (but that will very likely change) for $6.50.

The Blizzard Authenticator fits on a keyring and provides users with a unique six-digit code to be used alongside normal account usernames and passwords when logging in. You can also associate one authenticator to as many accounts as you like.

“It’s important to us that World of Warcraft offers a safe and enjoyable game environment,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, “One aspect of that is helping players avoid account compromise, so we’re pleased to make this additional layer of security available to them.”

It also speaks volumes about the sheer size of the WoW phenomena that such a device is even necessary. But as the scale of these virtual worlds and their respective virtual economies grow, the profits to be gained from illegal access and virtual crime also increases. In fact, just last month a serious cyber-attack saw hackers attempting to filch WoW login details from hundreds of players.

Product page, Blizzard (via CNET)

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