Guitar Hero publisher says games appeal is widening, calls for cheaper consoles


guitar.jpgActivision, the publisher you may recognise from such hits as Guitar Hero III knows a thing or two about the games industry. It has already worked out that it isn’t all about pubescent boys seeking obscene violence and ladies with giant bosoms any more.

This is the kind of cutting insight you need to become the biggest publisher in the world, you know.

CEO, Bobby Kotick, says times are changing and that as many as 40% of game purchasers are female. As if we’d believe that. Next he’ll be telling us that girls have found out about the internet. He must think we were born yesterday.

“The physical appearance of the game has changed, which is attracting new people, and there is a real sense of a social game,” Kotick told The Times. “With the internet, people on different sides of the world can play against each other. People who had never before played a video game are picking one up now.”

Thanks to the popularity of games like Guitar Hero, the gamer demographic is changing, or continuing to change. However, even without the tendency for game devs to focus on graphic violence and even more graphic mammaries, there is still one obstacle that may be slowing the transition to true gender equality in video gaming.

“Hardware manufacturers are going to have to think about reducing their prices because the cost of purchasing some of this stuff is prohibitive.” Kotick said.

So far, gaming has proved to be relatively resilient to the global economic slowdown, but there are fears that this golden ticket won’t be able to last much longer, and that means hardware makers may be forced to cut prices to survive.

Either that or Wiis will start selling even faster than they already do.

Activision (via The Times)

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