UK visits to blogs on the rise: 1 in every 84 web sites


blogging_platforms.gifJune’s UK Internet usage statistics suggest that blogs are enjoying a massive surge in popularity, with one in every 84 web site visits landing on a blog. That’s up 101% in the past three years, which is greater than more traditional web sites such as news and media sites.

Rather optimistically, some are suggesting that this proves that blogs are proving more popular, or that the UK populace suddenly understands blogs and deliberately seeks them out.

What’s more likely to be true is that there are a myriad of blogs out there, including spam blogs (splogs) and all manner of other crap, and search engines are still indexing them and leading people to them.

I’d suggest that most people don’t know or care that they’ve specifically visited a blog, so long as they get the information or the entertainment they were seeking. Yes, there are some great blogs out there, but the average UK Internet user isn’t actively looking to read blogs in preference to other types of web site.

Statistics came from Hitwise.

(Via Tech Radar)

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