iTunes UK price cut cancelled – blame the credit crunch. Or the oil price. Or George Bush

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itunes-uk-price-cut-cancelled-79p.jpgSix months ago we got marginally excited. Marginally excited about possibly paying a bit less for our iTunes downloads in the UK, thanks to an EU complaint about UK buyers being charged more than our European “friends.”

Well. That’s not happening any more. Six months ago, 99cents were worth 74 Great British Pence, triggering the EU to ask Apple to cut its UK prices to make things all fair and equal in EuroWorld. But now, thanks to the plummeting pound/euro exchange rate, the 79p we pay in the UK has gone up to a very exact equivalent of the 99cents euro-land customers pay.

So. There will be no 10% price cut for us. Apple says “This is no longer necessary as exchange rates have effectively done it for us.” 79p per song it will be. And 99cents for you European lot. We’re sorry we lied to you six months ago, but it was true at the time.

(Via BBC)

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