Denon D-M37DAB: £300 micro system – dock not included

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The music makers at Denon have launched a small bundle of affordable micro system fun in the shape of the Denon D-M37DAB, which is a perfectly pleasant and simple shape indeed.

For £300 you get yourself a CD player, a DAB radio, an MP3 and WMA player and a nice set of 2 x 30W speakers. It’s not exactly the kind of machine to annoy your neighbours but it is something the lady in your life will like the look of without having to compromise on one’s own manliness.

Naturally, there’s a little technology under the hood in the shape of Super Dynamic Bass, presumably for a better bottom end sound, and triadic noise reduction, clearly to reduce the noise in a triadic fashion – which comes as a relief to us all, I’m sure.

What I can tell you, in plain English, is that the CX speakers and of course the developments above are simply designed to bring you a clearer and cleaner sound. It’s unlikely to knock you off your feet but it might for the price.

Despite Denon being a more classic make, I can’t help but compare it to the LG FA163DAB which retails at £100 less and was designed by acoustic guru Mark Levinson. The LG comes with an iPod dock on the top whereas you have to pay extra for that kind of action on the Denon which only comes with a USB port.

If the different looks don’t sway you, then I suggest you get your arse down to a showroom with a stack of CDs for the acid test. Blast a little gangstsa rap, even if you don’t listen to it. It’s always worth watching the salesman twitch and besides, the songs are full of bass.


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