Andy Murray's ultimately ineffective Wimbledon racquet for sale on eBay

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andy-murray-ebay-racquet-wimbledon.JPGGood old Andy Murray. He gave us a few moments of hope, before Bravely Crashing Out At Quarter Final Stage (TM) as British sporting heroes tend to do.

If you want to forever own a piece of sporting nearly-history, you can – Andy and war injury charity Help for Heroes have teamed up to flog one of his racquets on eBay.

The racquet – a Head Radical Microgel Pro – is the one Andy used in the match before his embarrassing quarter final slump to that butch Spaniard, so it does at least have a happy winning anecdote attached to it.

The price is currently at £300. Which isn’t very good – you could pick up a new one for much less than that.

(Via eBay)

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  • I hate guns If no guns of everyone,the world maybe well.
    The first one is very nice.. I like it very much..
    Everywhere in the LV, a bit mean!

  • When I went to the Wii preview ages back they gave us all Tim Henman racquets (branded ones, not his own personal racquets). I couldn’t help but think they must have got a great deal on a bulk purchase since he’d just failed to get through to yet another final/semi.

    I haven’t used the racquet and I think I would feel quite ashamed to be seen in public with it.

    Sorry Tim (if you’re reading this.)

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