Polaroid PoGo Bluetooth instant printer for all your mobile photo needs

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polaroid-pogo.jpgPolaroid has launched a product that may just have saved their bacon after the last batches of their old school instantmatic camera film went out of production. Keeping with their on the spot pronto-printing theme, they’ve launched a palm sized photo printer designed to be used with other cameras and mobile phones called the Polaroid PoGo.

Weighing around 225g, or 8 ounces if you like it that way, the pocket-sized, Li-ion battery-powered gizmo prints around 15 pics when fully charged using absolutely zero ink whatsoever or ZINK technology as they’ve called it. It’s all in the paper.

As a result, the prints come out bone dry and take around 60 seconds each giving the PoGo a very original Polaroid camera feel. Perhaps best of all, this little devil can be sent information via Bluetooth as well as USB. Don’t know about you, but suddenly I want to print again and for £99, I think I just may.

Polaroid (via What Camera Digital)

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