Wholly unimportant world first – band streams live show through Facebook

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RedBoxBlue-streaming-face-book-live-video.jpgBrilliant news. We doubt anyone noticed, but brilliant news all the same.

The no-doubt popular-on-the-internet band RedBoxBlue has made the claim, reckoning that its series of streaming video performances currently being shown on Facebook are indeed a world first.

It’s not 100% live, though – they’re only beaming taped shows through the social network, so there’s still room for a totally live and LIVE performance yet. If you want to witness a very small and rather uninteresting part of internet history unfolding before your eyes, you can still do so now on the band’s Facebook page.

RedBoxBlue currently has 147 fans. It’s unlikely to “cross over” into the mainstream any time soon.

(Via Wired)

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Gary Cutlack
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