Sony extends BRAVIA range of TVs Stateside with XBR6, XBR7, and XBR8 Series



Sony has pushed out another seven BRAIVA LCD TVs across the XBR6, XBR7, and XBR8 Series.

Top of the pile comes the XBR8 Series, available in 55 and 46-inch screen sizes, and featuring full 1080p HD, Sony’s TRILUMINOS three-colour LED backlight technology, 10-bit panel and processing, Advanced Contrast Enhancer PRO, and the BRAVIA ENGINE 2 PRO coupled with 120Hz frame rate technology.

All that proprietary technology is supposed to offer a sharper picture with deeper blacks and more vivid colours. The TVs have four HDMI inputs.

The XBR7 Series comes in 70 and 40-inch screen sizes and offers many of the benefits of the XBR8 TVs, but without TRILUMINOS. They’re still full 1080p models and have all the same connectivity.

Finally, the XBR6 Series adds 40, 46, and 52-inch screen sizes, featuring a space-saving bottom speaker and floating glass design.

They won’t be available in the US until the autumn, by which time perhaps Sony will have announced UK details.


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  • The XBR8 was one if not the Best TV’s EVER made. I personally witnessed it produce every shade of gray on a spectrometer and is still to date the only TV I have witnessed do so…this was an improvement of the Sony 46″ Qualia 005 the World’s first LED TV (brought to market by Sony in 2004)…I also believe that Sony will continue to innovate..and I can’t wait to see the new TV line up in person….Thanks for the interesting post…this will be a good debate.

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