UK mobile phone users may end up paying to receive calls

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moneybag.gifWith the UK’s mobile network operators likely to be forced to cut termination charges and roaming costs, they could try to recoup some cash by charging their customers to receive, as well as make, phone calls.

Many US consumers already pay to receive calls on their mobile phones, though the overall operating cost of a cell phone in the States is, generally, significantly cheaper than in Britain.

It doesn’t appear as if anyone from the operators has spoken out in support of charging customers to receive calls — in fact Kevin Russell, 3’s CEO, has said that larger companies are using a “scaremongering campaign to try and frighten people”.

A representative for the European telecoms commissioner said that customers would not tolerate being charged to receive calls. “They will go elsewhere. This is an empty threat from the mobile phone companies,” said Martin Selmayr.

If such charges were introduced, it would likely push the popularity of other mobile services over standard voice calls, such as SMS, IM, VoIP, and other Internet-based services. Mobile networks would be better offering real value-added services rather than charging for the most basic of mobile phone functions.

(Via The Telegraph)

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  • Does this mean we will have to pay for all those unwanted spam calls and texts?

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