(Only!) Half the music stored on MP3 players is stolen

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50-percent-of-music-is-stolen.jpgAccording to a survey from British Music Rights, only half of the music on the iPods/Zens/Sansas of the nation’s 14-24 year-olds had actually been paid for legitimately.

The average musical youth has 1770 tunes on their MP3 player, but half of that lot’s been nicked off the internet or copied from the hard drive or MP3 player of a friend. It’s extremely shocking (that the figure isn’t more like 99%).

British Music Rights chief executive, Feargal Sharkey (yes, him) was strangely upbeat about the news, mind, pointing out that this does at least mean the kids are still as “mad for music” (his actually words “this young and tech-savvy demographic is as crazy about and engaged with music”) as they’ve ever been.

The problem is they’re not so keen on paying for it. That’s Feargal’s next problem, although 80% of the kids surveyed apparently said they’d be prepared to pay for music through a legit P2P service…

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  • It would be interesting to say how much music on the billions of compact-cassette tapes in use around the world was pre-recorded as opposed to home-recorded…

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