PC DJ game AudioOdyssey uses the Wiimote to get the "party" "started"

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wii-audio-odyssey-motion-control-gamejpg.jpgAudioOdyssey has been designed by boffins at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Gambit Game Lab with the Wii controller in mind.

Players take control of – and I can only apologise on their behalf for this – a DJ called “Vinyl Scorcher” who attempts to keep the crowd “jumping”. Mr Scorcher keeps the crowd jumping thanks to you waving the Wiimote around in time with the music. The more you wave, the faster the music. And the more you wave. Sounds a bit simple, but the idea is as heart-felt and well-meaning as humanly possible – it’s a video game blind people can play by using their ears and hands alone.

The Register says it’s a Wii game – but it’s not. It runs on PC using one of the numerous Wiimote hacks that lets you navigate your way around a PC using the wavy Nintendo device.

(Via The Reg)

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