A few years too late, Sidekick collaborates with Tony Hawk for skater-friendly LX mobile

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Boy Genius Report has got the scoop on Sidekick’s collaboration with skating legend Tony Hawk for the LX handset, which is supposedly going to be confirmed tomorrow by the company, to the glee of all baggy-trousered men.

Whilst it may not make our shores for a good few more months, BGR claims it will go on sale in the US in mid-July, following an intensive advertising campaign. Decorated in urban blue designs, it will be video-heavy with the ability to capture footage plus ‘play and share’, no doubt via Bluetooth to other Sidekicks, and will allow you to download as well – you know, just in case the videos you shoot of your mates doing kickflips and grinds aren’t that entertaining the fourth time ’round.

Little else is known about it, but with the official announcement due tomorrow, I’m sure we’ll have more news then, and hopefully some embarrassingly 1994-era skater quotes from the Hawk himself. I’m gunning for “grind on, man!”

(via Boy Genius Report)

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Katherine Hannaford
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