Pure Digital Flip Mino: Simple, good looking and very neat


It may not be a purist’s camcorder in terms of its functional quality, but the new Flip Mino from Pure Digital is a beautiful little gadget.

Like its predecessor, the Flip Ultra, the Mino is designed with easy and accessible uploading in mind, hence the USB top. It’s an incredibly pocket sized 3.94″ x 1.97″ x 0.63″, or 10cm x 5cm x 1.6 cm if you want to be sensible, and under 100g as well, making it the perfect little YouTube friendly device.

Pure Digital keeps it simple with just the 2x zoom, a 1.5″ anti-glare screen, 4.5Mbps video bit rate with a resolution output of 640 x 480 – not the best but this isn’t supposed to be for shooting movies. All the same, it comes with 2GB of memory space for around an hour of footage.

It’s out today in the US and not too cheap at $179.99 but what you get for your money is a really good looking effective camcorder. There’s no cutting edge here but the Flip Mino does fulfill a very important niche in the market and it does it very well. Good bit of design.

Flip Mino (via electronista)

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Daniel Sung
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