New gaming keys for N-Gage on the Nokia 95

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n95-n-gage.jpgA friend of mine was bitching to me the other day, with N95 in hand, about N-Gage. “It’s not the platform itself,” he said to me, “it’s just that it’s really awkward to use,” and it seems that someone out there was listening because you can now use the N95’s two multimedia buttons to game with.

Apparently, that’s always been the case but Nokia just didn’t like to brag about it. Look, there’s even an instructional video, and if it doesn’t seem to work on your N95, all you need is a quick firmware update.

The thing is, I still worry for N-Gage because it still looks awkward. Thumbs people, thumbs; it’s what gaming is all about! It’s why they were invented. We evolved from the primeval slime and dragged our fishy butts out of the sea so that we could develop thumbs with which to play games. Make N-Gage thumb-friendly and people will start to play it. Build it, and they will thumb.

(via Nok Nok)

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