Asus innovation of the day – a laptop with a mini projector built in

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asus-pico-projector-notebook.jpgImagine the joy. Imagine the power. Imagine the sheer amount of BUSINESS that could be done, any time, any place, anywhere that has a white-ish wall suitable for projecting slides and PDFs onto.

That’s the future-world dream of Asus, which has revealed this little monster – a laptop with one of the new-wave of miniaturised projectors stuck inside. It sits flush against the lid, then swivels out when the need to bore someone with your presentaion strikes.

That’s pretty much the entire news story right there. Projectors are coming to laptops and it’s innovation-specialist Asus that looks like doing it first. People whose job is listing the specs of laptops are going to have another feature to worry about getting the resolution of right. They’re the ones that will suffer most.

(Via Gizmodo and PC Perspective)

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One thought on “Asus innovation of the day – a laptop with a mini projector built in

  • If this were an express card device that could be entirely removed and talk via Bluetooth or the newer Wi-Fi PAN protocol then perhaps it wouldn’t seem quite so ridiculous.

    The flaws are quite hilarious when you think about it.

    It should have been a removable component.

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