Telectroscope: Look from London to NYC by way of a tunnel

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Roll up, roll up and cross the Pond in a newfangled, age of steam, industrial revolution way. Go down to the South Bank of Londoninium’s Thames and gaze with your very own eyes upon the New World and the people of New York City.

For a contraption by the name of a Telectroscope has been installed at both ends of a giant tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean – an engineering feat worthy of our time – and through a series of connected mirrors, bouncing light and contraptionous techo-gadgetry people in either city may communicate live with one another.

Now, before you get as confused as I was, it’s not true – well, not really. The Telectroscope is in fact an art installation with web cams. Sorry, no tunnel, but you can link up live with whoever’s on the other end in the Big Apple for a few weeks between 22nd May – 15th June and ask them if they’re having a nice day, what the weather is like and if they like their eggs over-easy.

The project was put together by artist Paul St.George and is produced by Artichoke, the people who toured with the Sultan’s Elephant two years ago.

It sounds like a lot of fun, assuming you can shoulder barge most of the tourists out of the way and actually get a go and it’s open 24/7. I sense a late night, boozed-up piece of fun so long as I have the presence of mind next time I’m hammered in the Waterloo area.

Telectroscope (via electro-plankton)

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