R2 Fish School: fish playing football – honestly


Goldfish are rubbish. Tranquil enough to look at, I suppose but they do absolutely nothing, or so I thought until I saw this demo for the R2 Fish School and heard the sound of my jaw hitting the desk.

Now, I know, It’s not just little Comet in the video that looks a wee bit fishy but dig deeper, go to the the Fish School website, go to the blog, the Amazon product page and it all starts to look pretty real.

A single goldfish playing football is one thing but my vision is to train an entire XI, take them to the top of the Premierfish and even higher into the Champions Bowl.

I’m not sure if the instructional DVD and 20 training sessions cover give and go but I’m looking forward to getting to work with the feeding wand.

R2 Fish School (via Gearfuse)

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Daniel Sung
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