JVC GZ-MS100: the camcorder with a YouTube sticker


I’ll lay down the specs in a second but the marketing force behind this JVC camcorder is that it’s got a YouTube sticker on it. That sticker is next to a button and when you press that button it will upload the video of your cat being sick to the ubiquitous humiliation-by-moving-picture website.

Of course, you’ll still have to have your camcorder plugged in. It’s just that the JVC will get rid of all that tiresome navigating to YouTube business which, after all, is the real ball ache of show business. Just ask Speilberg.

The button does have second function though. That’s right, it’s not just slightly useful, it’s slightly useful plus an extra world’s smallest increment of usefulness.

When the camera’s in record mode, the button makes sure that it records up to a maximum of 10 minutes because, after all, you can’t submit clips longer than 10 minutes to YouTube – unless you have a director’s account of course, but let’s not mention that.

This is obviously very important as you may be so absorbed in you cat’s vomit dance that you forget to notice the timecode on your camcorder screen.

But YouTube nonsense button aside, the GZ-MS10 isn’t a bad camcorder at all. It’s got a Konica minolta lens with 35x optical zoom, noise reduction system, 2.7″ LCD screen and a battery that’ll give you up to 2.5 hours operating time, in which time you would have hoped to have captured your 10 minutes of usable footage.

It’s got no hard disk but records straight to an SD card, so it weighs in at a handy 0.6 lbs or 270g depending when and where you were born.

It’s available in the States in June for $349.99 and probably about the same in pounds over here shortly afterwards.


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Daniel Sung
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