Hack your vinyl toy collection, turn a Munny into a speaker

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I can’t believe I haven’t ever seen this before, or even thought of doing it to one of my many Munny, Qee, or Bearbrick vinyl toys. A chap over at Instructables has put up his instructions on how to melt the face off a Munny, and insert a speaker in its place.

He used a pair of 3″ Tang Band bamboo fiber cones, however depending on how big your chosen toy is (I’m eyeing off one of my 9″ Qees currently), you could really choose any size of cone for the job.

(via The Design Blog)

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Katherine Hannaford
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One thought on “Hack your vinyl toy collection, turn a Munny into a speaker

  • I have got myself an 8″ QEE doll for my birthday although in the past I have used Munny Dolls and have been too afraid to melt them although people have said its easy to do. Because my QEE doll is much larger than the Munny so am hoping it will be more manageable. I’m hoping to melt a mouth into it to insert teeth but would it be possible to just push the vinyl back rather than hollowing it out so I can paint the back of the mouth? I have seen this tutorial before but don’t want it where you can see the inside of the doll, if I am making any sense at all hahaa! Because it was a birthday present and where she purchased it, he said it the only one he had in the store, so I don’t think she would be best pleased if I destroyed it 😐

    Got big plans for this doll, did a short textiles course at college so hoping to dress it too. Although its going to be a zombie, rather it not completely melt into a messy puddle of a face haha! Wish me luck!! 🙂 x

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