The XYX computer desk – with built-in PC

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xyz-computer-desk-dvd0dock.jpgIf you’re odd, frightening and rich enough that you absolutely MUST have the world’s most technologically advanced desk, here’s the world’s most technologically advanced desk.

It has an actual built-in PC, so at least ugly trailing wires, the scourge of modern times, will be a non-existent problem. That drive bay on the side houses a CDRW/DVD combo, plus there are a few USB sockets and hot keys for summoning your servants. The lid flips open so you can put more RAM in it when Microsoft releases a new operating system.

Frankly, I’d rather not have a desk that’s going to be obsolete in four years time or will require an engineer to come round if it breaks. If it can’t be bodged together with nails, I’m not interested.

(Via BornRich)

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One thought on “The XYX computer desk – with built-in PC

  • surely wires will be exactly as much of a problem as they’ve ever been? you’d still have to plug the desk into the mains, and all the peripherals and shit into the desk. the only difference is you won’t have a separate box for the PC.

    plus, no dvd-rw? load of bollocks!

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