Halo 3 Kubrick toys provide a new way to play with Master Chief



Xbox 360 owners are getting sweaty-palmed at the thought of getting their hands on Halo 3 next week (well, apart from the ones who bagged early copies through Argos, of course). But how to fill your time until its released? My suggestion: 2.5-inch Japanese art toys. Obviously.

The Halo 3 Kubricks are being sold by Firebox, and are 2.5-inch Master Chief figures that come in four-packs. For your £19.95, you get the figure in traditional green, online red, online blue and ‘active camo’ editions.

It’s a limited-edition run (i.e. watch them fly on eBay once they sell out), so just the thing for Halo nuts waiting for the big launch day.

Halo 3 Kubricks

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