Exposé! eBay UK not as Blu-ray friendly as other eBay sites


It’s come to my attention, through a recent attempt at flogging my copy of Casino Royale (every Blu-ray player owner has at least six copies), that eBay UK is not anywhere near as Blu-ray friendly as the US, or even Australia, Canada, or France. I’d test more sites, but that’s about the limit to my bilingualism.

Ever tried selling a Blu-ray on eBay UK? Ever other country’s site seems to have Blu-ray listed in the categories field, however not us in Blighty, who’re forced to lump it into the ‘DVD, Film & TV > DVDs’ or ‘DVD, Film & TV > Other Film Formats’ fields.

The winning HD format is not mentioned anywhere, and neither is HD DVD, which is also mentioned on all the aforementioned sites. Although dead formats such as MiniDisc have their very own boxes for you to tick, along with SACD, DAT, audio cassettes, floppy discs and VHS.

So can we cut to the chase already and label eBay UK as being a non-embracing technological Luddite?

eBay US – clearly shows Blu-ray listed.

eBay France – Blu-ray, as a cinéma format, is supported.

eBay Australia – they might greet you with a big ‘g’day’ when you visit the site, but at least they know who won the format war.

eBay Canada – yep, they’re pulling out all the stops to help you sell your numerous copies of Casino Royale, too.

eBay UK

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Katherine Hannaford
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