Carl Freer confirms that Gizmondo really is coming back this year

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You’d think that disaster that was Gizmondo would be enough to put consumers and investors off for life. Not so apparently: Gizmondo is set to return with a whole new version, fresh support for the existing model and a new focus on homebrew and open source content. It could be with us by the end of the year.

Well, if N-Gage can rescue their brand from hardware disaster, maybe Gizmondo can put all its dodgy history behind it and return in full splendour. There’s a lot of dodgy history to overcome though – financial shenanigans, awful sales, shit games and – oh – the terrible, terrible hardware. Still, good luck with that.

Boss Carl Freer is incredibly confident about it all though. Speaking in a very short interview with Gizmondoforums, he claims “There is still incredible value in the Gizmondo.” Adding “With the enhancements we’re adding (i.e. Open Platform etc) we feel it’s only the beginning of where we can go with the product.”

Keep an eye out at the end of the year for more news and a relaunch of This tech comeback is about as ambitious as Gary Glitter trying to open a children’s social networking website.

(via PocketGamer)

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